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    12l14 Steel Indian Equivalent Of Viagra Buy

    Some indians, like amit sen gupta, head of the delhi science forum, a scientists group, worry that product patents will turn the clock back to the 1960s, when western drug companies dominated india, set high prices and conducted little research on tropical diseases that, like leprosy and malaria, do not affect americans or europeans. Cipla makes 4 of the 14 drugs commonly used in aids cocktail therapy zidovudine, lamivudine, stavudine and nevirapine. Without patents, which ensure a period in which to profit by being the sole legal seller of an invention, no one would invest in finding new medicines.

    But it does not recognize them on chemicals for medicine or agriculture, a position that dates back to its patents act of 1970, for which mr. Hamied says his factories have passed 22 separate food and drug administration inspections. They include erecto, the companys knockoff of viagra nuzac, its knockoff of prozac forcan, its knockoff of the antifungal drug diflucan lomac, its knockoff of the ulcer drug prilosec amlopres, its knockoff of the hypertension drug norvasc.

    Further articles will examine other issues related to the business of phar- maceuticals. A phrma study released in february found that losses in india were 69 million a year, but it covered just 20 common knockoff drugs. Earlier articles in this series examinded the financing of a blockbuster drug, how lowercost generic drugs can be kept from the market, the availabiltiy and costs of drugs in the third world, alliances between drug companies and patient groups, and use of computers to influence doctors prescrib- ing practices.

    American and european companies 70 percent to 80 percent of the key ingredients in american-made generic drugs come from foreign suppliers, as do about 60 percent of those in brand-name drugs. Hamied comes by this mix of motivations -- profit, social conscience and nationalism -- by birthright. He is already breaking them down and working on new formulations.

    Assuming he gets government approval next month, he will sell it for 10 cents in india under the name eviva or tarzia. That is, an inventor patents the multistep recipe for making the drug, not the molecule itself. Purushothaman said there was a sort of racism inherent in this.

    Some of these compounds make 1 billion or more a year for the western companies that hold the patents on them. To be accepted into the world trade organization, india signed the 1994 agreement on trade-related aspects of intellectual property rights and has promised to bring its laws into compliance by 2005. In fact, india recognizes western-style intellectual property rights on most products, including computer software, in which it has a thriving industry. Grinning proudly, he brandishes his trustiest weapon, the scribbled notebooks he has kept since his days as a chemistry student at cambridge in the 1950s. Hamied began reverse-engineering aids drugs in 1992 because, he said, he realized the epidemic would hit india hard.

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    12l14 Steel Indian Equivalent Of Viagra Buy

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    12l14 Steel Indian Equivalent Of Viagra Buy Viagra, In the rooms glass cabinets are the 400 drugs made by his company, cipla ltd. Outside the indian city of pune (often spelled poona), If india abided by western patent laws, more western companies would sell there and would price drugs so indian consumers could afford them, she said. And during the 19th-century industrial revolution, Back at his desk after a tour of his headquarters laboratories, which bristle with expensive equipment from hewlett-packard and perkins-elmer, he picks up his latest notebook. Khanna, president of research for ranbaxy, an indian company that is ciplas biggest rival, was indignant at the suggestion that he was engaging in piracy. They are sold by cipla at one-twentieth to one-fiftieth of the price paid in the united states.
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    Khanna said, and it even owns a factory in new brunswick, n. Exactly how much money western pharmaceutical manufacturers lose in india and other countries like brazil, argentina, thailand, egypt and china that fly the jolly roger of drug piracy is in dispute. Outside the indian city of pune (often spelled poona), cipla has a brand-new factory where employees in spotless scrub suits cross pressurized air locks to tend expensive drug-making machinery. Some are subsidiaries of multinationals the biggest, glaxo india, is part of glaxo wellcome. Even though multinational drug executives know there are reputable indian companies, they often tar them all by confusing the issues by mixing counterfeit, bad quality and india in the same heap, said ellen t hoen, a drug policy consultant to doctors without borders, which pushes for cheaper drugs in the developing world.

    Our members are dedicated to getting our medicines to people who are sick. But apart from those concerns, he said, western drug companies just dont like the idea that their proprietary rights can be got around via the back door. The factory is on a rural campus whose lawns are watered with the purified output of the effluent plant. Also, some powerful compounds, anti-aids drugs for example, must be taken on a rigorous schedule under careful monitoring, yet knockoff drugs may be shipped to impoverished countries where a steady supply and satisfactory medical supervision cannot be assured. Without patents, which ensure a period in which to profit by being the sole legal seller of an invention, no one would invest in finding new medicines.

    In the united states, name-brand diflucan is sold to treat toenail fungus, yeast infections including thrush, and other conditions. Hamied makes sildenafil citrate, the active ingredient in viagra, for 2 cents a pill. Hamied wants the new law to recognize licensing of right, which could allow him to copy any drug he wanted as long as he paid a royalty to the patent holder. A phrma study released in february found that losses in india were 69 million a year, but it covered just 20 common knockoff drugs. American manufacturers, said vihari purushothaman, an analyst of health care stocks for chase jf in bombay. Outside of the third world, theres very little realization of how little money the poor live on. He is already breaking them down and working on new formulations. Iain cockburn, a professor of management at boston university who has studied the issue, says there are serious problems with pirates, because some make weak or even toxic counterfeits. Access to drugs is one reason that average life expectancy has risen to 64 today, just as cheap pesticides based on foreign formulas are part of the reason india now feeds itself. The lowest-paid of his 3,500 employees make about 2,400 a year, he said.

    Dec 1, 2000 ... So Indian drug companies can boldly reverse-engineer best-selling .... Mr. Hamied makes sildenafil citrate, the active ingredient in Viagra, for 2 cents a pill. ... drug, for an American generic drug company that is testing it for sale in 2002, .... more money in health care than in 10-lane highways or in steel mills.

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